November 22 at 6.30 pm at the GAM (Modern Art Gallery), Via Magenta 31 in Turin, ( 1st hall on the ground floor), the artist Tea Andreoletti will present ‘Simposiarca’, a project that she has been conducting during her residency/research fellowship with Diogene Bivaccourbano_R , which will end in December.

“Simposiarca” (Symposiarch) is part of a broader research project that Andreoletti has been carrying out for a little over a year, where she engages in experiential art that takes place in the process rather than a final result, through the sharing of one’s existence with others, coalescing in an experience of wonderment of the world.

Bivaccourbano_R 2016 has provided Andreoletti with the opportunity to devote herself to the experience of convivial practices that correspond to contemporary sensibilities, by turning the Diogene Tram into a sort of living room where she welcomes a few invited guests every week, and offers them a libation of wine wisely mixed with water. During her research, in fact, Andreoletti has taken hydro-sommelier/taster of mineral waters and sommelier /wine-taster courses, with the intention of combining those two flavors in a balanced manner, resulting in a beverage capable of transmitting a congenial atmosphere and becoming a pretext for starting a conversation, and thereby accompanying the conversation and the sharing of experiences. At each meeting, the artist thus exalts the ancient custom of diluting wine with water by using the gestures of the Symposiarch, who during the symposia in ancient times, established the right proportions of water in the wine so that the imbibers would reach inebriation without exceeding the limit of advanced intoxication.

During the evening of November 22 at the GAM, the artist will talk about her research and tell us stories about the experiences of some guests who took part in the 13 meetings that have been held so far in the living room of the tram.

Tea Andreoletti (1991) is originally from Gromo (Bergamo). She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, at the WDKA in Rotterdam, and the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. In 2015, she moved to Budapest to carry out some artistic projects.
She has exhibited at the Tysnes Art Gallery in Norway, FKSE studio-gallery in Budapest, Rivolidue in Milan, MAMbo in Bologna, B.a.d foundation in Rotterdam, Verbeke Foundation-Stekene Belgium, and the Zucchelli Foundation in Bologna.

Progetto Diogene has been made possible thanks to the Compagnia di San Paolo, the Piedmont Region, the collaboration with GTT –Turin Transport Group, and the City of Turin.

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Turin – Thursday, October 27, the inauguration of NESXT, the festival of independent artistic production centers, with this first edition dedicated to the Italian scene will take place. Diogene Project is participating as one of the off circuit spaces, opening the doors of its tram at the  roundabout between Corso Regio Parco and Corso Verona, […]

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Progetto Diogene is pleased to announce that the winner of the tenth edition of the international competition Bivaccourbano_R 2016 for Artist Residency/ Research grant is the Italian artist Tea Andreoletti (Gromo, BG, 1991), chosen from the 205 artist candidates belonging to 34 nationalities. Bivaccourbano_R is a project aimed at supporting the selected artist’s research by providing a research […]

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July18, 2016 at 6:30 pm at the Diogene Tram  Danilo Correale (artist, New York, U.S.A) and Giovanni Leghissa (Assistant Professor, University of Turin in Turin, Italy). Curated by Clara Madaro Life time.  Neoliberalism, bio-politics, acceleration, pace Since one’s economy acquires a priority in the definition of the organization and perception of a lifetime, the same […]

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Turin – June 29, 2016 at 6:30 pm, at the Diogene Tram A Talk with Nicola Ratti (Artist, Milan) and Vincenzo Santarcangelo (Ph.d in Philosophy, University of Turin). Curated by Clara Madaro Sound Worlds Sound has strong emotional, cognitive, communicative, interactive, and social significance, such that is very difficult for us to imagine our life […]

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