In the art of inquiry, the conduct of thought goes along with, and continually answers 
to the fluxes and flows of the materials with which we work. 
These materials think in us, as we think through them.
Ingold, Timothy, Making. Rutledge 2013 pg. 6

Tips and Tricks is our new artistic residency idea on Progetto Diogene Instagram profile. It aims to share practical knowledge, tips and tricks related to technical and formal solutions, material and tools used by all artists, in which, through their work and artistic training, their expertise can find a personal, innovative and sometimes unorthodox use.

 Starting from 8 February 2021, the Progetto Diogene’s Instagram page will host an artist for five days, inviting them to recount, through posts and stories, about specific tools and materials that are used for their research. A sort of toolbox made up of reviews, stories and practical trials that will describe a panorama of material solutions and applications on how the work and artistic projects are composed.

The Progetto Diogene’s art proposals have often examined the relationship between “thinking and doing”. Tips & Tricks explores the possibilities of an “artistic thought” that emerges from the synergy between the body, material and work tools used in the artistic creation.