Opere Pak Sheung Chuen

Breathing in a House

Hong Kong artist Pak Sheung Chuen’s installation is the outcome of his stay in an average two person flat (6.7m x 2.7m x 2.2m) in Busan. The artist lived in the small apartment for as long as he took to collect the air that fills this place. Breathing air into transparent plastic bags he left the place when all of them filled up the space. The work is a performative investigation into the everyday living situation of the place of the Biennial as well as a sculpturally investigation into the air-space which is defined as the negative space of the place.

The Horizon Placed at Home

Victoria Harbor,Hong Kong. I drew a horizontal line on the map of Victoria Harbor. The horizontal line went through five coasts. I collect a bottle of seawater from every coast. The seawater is of the same height. I put the five bottles of seawater at home.
A horizon emerged.(08.09.2004).

Waiting for a Friend (without Appointment)
Kowloon Tong MTR Station 29.12.2006 (12:47-16:38)
Without appointment, I selected a place to wait for a friend. This time, Jacky appeared at 16:38. He asked me, “Why do you know I will walk through there?” I told him, “I don’t know… But I have waited you for a long time!”. 29.12.2006 (12:47-16:38) Jacky.

Miracle of $132.30
I bought 8 items from supermarket and got a bill. If you read all the second word of each item name, from top to bottom, you will discover something extraordinary. (Answer translated in English: Whoever believes in him should… have eternal life. John 3:16)(13.11.2003 12:46, Shatin CRC Supermarket, Hong Kong).

Valleys Trip
Map (1:10.000 / Edition 2006-1)
Period: 27-28/2, 1-2/3, 5/3/2007
I opened a map book. Then, I walked along all the gaps* between the left pages and the right pages in it, from the south to the north Tokyo. The pages are arched like 2 mountains and the gap is craved in like a valley. I stood and took photos at every points that were crossed the valleys.

A Little Flower for the Passer-by
I arranged five one-dollar coins into the shape of a flower and placed them at the street corner. Then I drew it a twig and leaf and date (as a mark), waiting for those “in need” to pick them up. The one who picked them up would be like to receive a flower. The twig and leaf and date would remain, as well as the feeling of luck and blessing.(07/01/2005).