Attila Faravelli
Aural seeds for Pianpicollo

Friday November 22nd 2019, 6.30 pm
Tram Diogene – rotonda Regio Parco X Verona, Torino

Progetto Diogene presents the research of sound artist Attila Faravelli, conducted within the annual artist residency program “Pianpicollo Research Residency”, a project created by Pianpicollo Selvatico – Center for Research in the Arts and the Sciences (Levice, CN) and funded by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo (Grant ‘Residenze d’Artista’) and the Piemonte Region.

Attila Faravelli has been invited with his sensitivity, style and method of research on sound, together with the British anthropologist Tim Ingold, to the annual research residency program. He has inhabited Pianpicollo over a period of twelve months, encountering its complexity in different seasons, exploring its sound potentials.

In the public event at the tram, Faravelli will present the results of his work, proposing a selection of audio field recordings and showing the sonic objects he has created during the residency, an adaptation of his project Aural Tools to the context of Pianpicollo Selvatico.

Aural Tools uses editions of simple objects to document the material and conceptual processes of specific musicians’ sound production practice. It is a series of acoustic devices for relating sound to space and body in ways unavailable through traditional recorded media such as CDs, LPs or tapes. The foundation of the project is the belief that sound is not an object to be contemplated in a static way, but an immersive event within a complex field of material and energy flows.

Attila Faravelli (Milano, 1976) is a sound artist and electro-acoustic musician. In his practice, he explores the relationships between sound, space and body. His solo recordings have been published by Senufo Editions and Die Schachtel. He has presented his work in academic and artistic institutions in Europe, USA, China and South Korea. In 2010, he has participated to the 12th Venice Biennal of Architecture. In 2012, he has been the Italian curator for the project Sounds of Europe. He has worked as sound director for Arnim Linke and Rossella Biscotti. He is the founder and curator of Aural Tools, a series of acoustic devices that document the process of sound production of selected musicians.

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