CORRISPONDENZE MAGAZINE _ presentation with Simone Scardino and Osservatorio Futura

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Thursday, June 9th, 7 pm

Tram Diogene, Corso Regio Parco / Corso Verona – Torino


Progetto Diogene hosts the presentation of Corrispondenze, an independent art magazine, published every six months. Corrispondenze magazine is both a printed space and a stepping-stone to foster new and old relations. It is an ongoing investigation whose founding principle is “correspondence” and whose aim is to highlight the interconnections between human living and the place hosting it.  
Dwelling, as we conceive it, does not stop at the doorstep of our homes, nor behind the walls of the city. Quite the opposite, it ranges from the natural environment to the relationship people have with it. It thus embraces not only the physical places, but also of the web of relations among the individuals inhabiting them.

Semi (seeds) is the title, and indeed the subject, of the first issue of Corrispondenze. It refers to the seeds that will be here enclosed with the collected texts. Those seeds are intended to fall to the ground during the act of reading, thereby germinating into new ideas – by virtue of an interconnection of stimuli and perspectives. 
Corrispondenze | Semi
explores Turin’s territory by narrating multiple projects that encompass the matter of space from an artistic, but also an anthropological, sociological, urbanistic, and naturalistic point of view.

During the presentation we will discuss the theme of “dwelling” with the creators of the Corrispondenze project, with Simone Scardino, the first artist of the residency BivaccoUrbano_Studio on the Tram Diogene, and with Osservatorio Futura.

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