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DIOGENE_INCANTO - Progetto Diogene



DIOGENE _ Incanto

Auction in support of Progetto Diogene

Monday, April 8th 2019, h. 18-21
Fondazione Merz, via Limone 24 – Torino

refreshments h. 20


Tea Andreoletti, Apparatus 22, Franco Ariaudo, Alice Benessia, Luca Bertolo, Ludovica Carbotta,  Caretto/Spagna, Lia Cecchin, Manuele Cerutti, Michela Depetris, Sara Enrico, Cleo Fariselli, Francesca Ferreri, Mattia Ferretti, Pierluigi Fresia, Giulia Gallo, Piero Gilardi, Pesce Khete, Luca Luciano, Silvia Margaria, Pak Sheung Chuen, Enrico Partengo, Fabrizio Prevedello, Laura Pugno, Py & Verde, Alessandro Quaranta, Juan Sandoval, Davide Sgambaro, Namsal Siedlecki, Elena Tortia, Arianna Uda, Silvia Vendramel, Cosimo Veneziano.

Progetto Diogene auctions a collection of works to fund future projects and develop its own activities in a time of renewal.
Over the last year, a metamorphosis of the group coincided with a pause in the association activities, to rethink about the identity and the visions of the group. This break allowed focusing on new purposes while preserving the unchanging independence of mind and action of the founding mission.
In the current times, rather transformed from the one in which ‘Progetto Diogene’ was born (2007-2008), it is essential to identify different practices through which being able to sustain our project; Our purpose is to look for new support systems and, in the meantime, to remain consistent with our ideals and roots.
To develop and experiment with this approach, we need an initial fund of resources. Thus, we came to the decision of turning to a one-time fund raising in the collective, mutual supporting form of an auction.
The artists with whom we collaborated through the years, answered to our call and donated one of their works. In Diogene_Incanto we present more than 30 works of Italian and international artists, donated to raise funds and sustain the activities of ‘Progetto Diogene’. To them all we express our most heartfelt thanks.

thank you to Fondazione Merz, a.titolo, Silvano Alberi, Silvio Zamorani
refreshments offered by Prof. Giovanni Cuniberti, Head of Investiment GAMMA Capital Markets

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