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Wednesday, May 18th, 6.30 pm

Tram Diogene, Corso Regio Parco / Corso Verona – Torino

At the end of September 2019, the young guitarist Moses Morsut completed his project Pizzicando le Alpi, a journey on foot through the Alps on the Sentiero Italia: 1087 kilometers, 49021 500 meters of altitude difference uphill and 51834 downhill, for 91 days of walking, offering concerts in exchange for food and accommodation. On 19 May 2022 he will leave again to take this time “L’altra Via” that connects Turin to Savona. 
The project of Mosè Morsut aims to make experience of the mountain following the slow rhythms that characterize it and that better respect it, supporting an approach to the mountain respectful of its spaces, its inhabitants, of its severity and balance. 
The character of the path is based on mutual exchange (the mountain huts have offered food and accommodation in exchange for concerts and four sponsors have supported the project by providing materials and skills), on an empathic and creative interaction not only with people, but also with the territory of “margin” understood as a resource, as a space of possibility. Mosè promotes his music in a different and free acoustic dimension like that of valleys and mountain huts, taking into account that marginality is not a residual part, but is indeed a decisive feature to overcome the challenges of contemporaneity, to find a new way of sharing resources that considers important slowness, waiting, fatigue, unpredictability, fragility, the power of relationships, solidarity, the little things that are also the value of the polis, of the community. 
NEMO Nuova Economia in Montagna, association and cooperative of which Francesco Di Meglio is president, is a widespread project of territorial animation of the Inland Areas with the aim of generating an economy based on collaborative processes aimed at creating communities; is an open system of relations between people and organizations, an interpreter of the potential of mountain territories.

The Tram Diogene was born inspired by mountain bivouacs that adapt to the morphology of the places, using the pre-existing forms of natural shelters; the example of Diogenes of Sinope and his barrel can be considered contemporary in our opinion: the abandonment of the superfluous, through a practice of experimentation, resistance and sustainability, leaves room for the exercise of listening, the practice of doing and participatory reflection. In the same way, the connections between the mountain and the city can encourage the encounter between subjects belonging to different contexts, environments and communities, so as to create moments of sharing, integration and recognition, to build a comparison on “the sense, the discomfort, the beauty, of living in the place from which one observes the world” (Vito Teti, La restanza, 2022).

Mosè Morsut began playing the guitar at the age of 8. After many years of classical studies with important teachers like Maurizio Colonna, he then experimented with modern music, and participated in several festivals and music fairs (cremona mondo musica, ADGPA Guitar rendez vous, Sarzana guitar meeting, Parma reggio Guitar fest). On 21 March, 2019, he publishes “PUZZLE” the first disc containing his music: a record without lyrics, without words, only with notes, sensations and flavors. The packaging of his disc is plastic-free, a paper origami illustrated by Eugenio Cesaro (voice of Eugenio in Via Di Gioia). On June 23, 2019, Moses set out “Puzzle” taking it to high altitude in a series of concerts traveling along the shelters of the Sentiero Italia. He then leaves for 91 days of travel completely on foot, 1087 km during which he plays in 51 different places! His tour, named “Pizzicando le Alpi”, ends on 22 September 2019 in the main square of Tolmezzo (UD). 
From 19 to 28 May 2022 the guitarist Mosè Morsut is the protagonist of the project “Pizzicando l’altra via”, a tour of concerts along the 9 stages of the way “L’altra Via” that connects Turin to Savona: 206 km., 9 concerts, crossing the Monferrato, the Roero, the Langhe, the Ligurian mountains to get to the sea.

Francesco Di Meglio is a founding member and president of the cooperative NEMO Nuova Economia in Montagna, an open system of relationships between people and organizations, interpreter of the potential of mountain or marginalized territories, and facilitator in the construction of networks towards a common goal: to generate an economy oriented towards the pursuit of social and environmental objectives, based on collaborative processes aimed at creating communities. Nemo is an association since 2019, and a cooperative in 2020. NEMO is a network of professionals from different backgrounds, a rich and interdisciplinary team that shares a passion for the development of the territory, and for the well-being of people and communities. 
Di Meglio is a professional and environmental educator with experience in the fields of disability, psychiatry, children in difficult situations, prisoners and the elderly. Over time he has been a naturalistic accompanist and environmental trainer, sheep and goat shepherd, operator and cultural organizer, socio-environmental evaluator of companies. For a long time he interspersed, for necessity and pleasure, life in the city and in the mountains. Thanks to NEMO tries to make synthesis and decide, together with others, where and how to live well.

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