Progetto Diogene in collaboration with Galleria Oggetti Specifici, presents

The Unseen_2020

Born in 2017 and now at its second edition, “The Unseen” investigates and exposes the research and production of knowledge that is inherent in every artist’s work. The creative core that remains hidden, underground, and that is yet vital, essential for the final artistic outcome.

Focusing on artistic research as the foundation of art making, The Unseen follows every artist involved in exploring his/her creative breeding ground – made of books, pictures, personal objects – activating a space for experimenting with unpredictable situations, methods, questions, attempts.

The 2020 edition is open to the collaboration with Oggetti Specifici, the project-gallery founded in 2019 by Caterina Filippini with the analogous intent of investigating and sharing with a public the objects that belong, day by day, to the generative phase of artworks. Diogene has been engaging  with Oggetti Specifici in a long term dialogue, to question the value and preparation of artworks, considering not only the objects involved but also all the life stimuli – such as the occurring of chance, visions, experiences – which contribute to shape the finished work and yet rarely take a material form.

In order to deepen the exploration on the relationship between process and product, material and immaterial traces, the 2020 edition presents a selection of artists that focus their research on live action and performance – whose finished work is not bound to any specific material form. What is the role of objects in their creative process? Is it a different role from the one at play in the work of artists that create material art pieces? How can one share with a public the set of material and immaterial traces that lead to a finished artwork? These are a few of the questions that have guided the dialogues of the project The Unseen_2020 and that will be shared with an audience over the course of two days, October 1st and October 3rd .

October 1st / 6.30 pm

@ COMBO Corso Regina Margherita 128, Torino

Luigi Coppola, Myriam Laplante, Salvatore Iaconesi/Oriana Persico

in dialogue with Caterina Filippini (Oggetti Specifici) and the artists of Progetto Diogene: Franco Ariaudo, Alice Benessia, Andrea Caretto, Manuele Cerutti, Giulia Gallo, Luca Luciano, Valerio Manghi, SiIvia Margaria, Raffaella Spagna, Elena Tortia.

The Unseen_2020 inaugurates in the presence of all the invited artists: a tale of words and things will introduce the individual events of October 3rd at the Tram Diogene.

The Atlas Room at Combo will host a display of objects curated by Oggetti Specifici.

An introduction to the research of artists, a collection of traces that offer clues on the creative process that drives their research, tangible fragments revealing the marks of the trail that leads to the finished work. A hidden path interspersed with second thoughts, apparent mistakes and tryouts.

> October 3 / 6.30 pm / Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico

                           7.30 pm / Myriam Laplante

@ Tram Diogene, Rotonda Regio Parco X Verona, Torino

During the spring and summer of 2020, the members of Diogene and the founder of Oggetti Specifici have been engaging in a series of dialogues at a distance with the artists invited for the new edition of the project The Unseen: an open discussion among colleagues, complemented by the peculiar approach of Oggetti Specifici, about genealogies and geographies, early passions and education, different approaches to artistic research and production, personal visions about the role of chance, mistake and failure, kinship and distance, responsibility, disillusion and a lot more. The events of October 3 complete these dialogues; the artists are invited to let go of the rigid framework of the conventional presentation of their work and venture a new territory with the audience, to reveal what nourishes their own creative process.

Luigi Coppola’s event is postponed to a later date.

In compliance with the guidelines about social distancing, RSVP.

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