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Progetto Diogene in collaboration with Galleria Oggetti Specifici, concludes

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With great pleasure Progetto Diogene, in collaboration with Oggetti Specifici, hosts the final meeting of the second edition of the project The Unseen, scheduled for 2020.
Born in 2017 and now at its second edition, “The Unseen” investigates and exposes the research and production of knowledge that is inherent in every artist’s work. The creative core that remains hidden, underground, and that is yet vital, essential for the final artistic outcome.

Focusing on artistic research as the foundation of art making, The Unseen follows every artist involved in exploring his/her creative breeding ground – made of books, pictures, personal objects – activating a space for experimenting with unpredictable situations, methods, questions, attempts.

During the spring and summer of 2020, Diogene and Oggetti Specifici, had a long-distance dialogue with the four artists selected for the second edition of the project The Unseen: an open discussion among colleagues, complemented by the peculiar approach of Oggetti Specifici, about genealogies and geographies, early passions and education, different approaches to artistic research and production, personal visions about the role of chance, mistake and failure, kinship and distance, responsibility, disillusion and a lot more. The comparison created questions to the value and preparation of artworks, considering not only the objects involved but also all the life stimuli – such as the occurring of chance, visions, experiences – which contribute to shape the finished work and yet rarely take a material form.

In order to deepen the exploration on the relationship between process and product, material and immaterial traces, the 2020 edition presents a selection of artists that focus their research on live action and performance – whose finished work is not bound to any specific material form: Myriam Laplante, Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico, Luigi Coppola.

>>>Friday September 24, at 6 pm at the Tram Diogene, Project Diogene will host, in an open discussion with the public, the latest artist of The Unseen 2020, Luigi Coppola.

Luigi Coppola (Belgium/Italy) is an artist, activist and promoter of participative projects and politically-motivated actions. His artistic practice is connected with the process of social re-appropriation of the commons that starts with an analysis of specific social, political, and cultural contexts (Artistic commoning). He trained both as a scientist as well as in the field of art.

Luigi is involved with Casa delle Agricultura, a project in Castiglione d’Otranto, south Italy, which seeks to revive abandoned land, repopulate the countryside, generate a sustainable economy and strengthen community cohesion. As part of this Luigi is the co-director of the Green Night festival, which combines agro-ecological learning with artistic strategies and builds upon the participatory and commoning dynamics of the community of migrants, farmers and activists.

He has developed projects, performances, installations and exhibitions in international contexts, including at: Fondazione Merz Turin, 2018; BAK Utrecht, 2018; Kunsthaus Graz, 2017; Quadriennale Roma, 2017; Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn, 2017; Teatro Continuo, Milan, 2016; Parckdesign, Brussels, 2016; Athens Biennale, Athens, 2015; Kadist Art Foundation, Paris, 2012; Steirischer Herbst, Graz, 2012 and Democracy Biennale, Turin, 2009.

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